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Welcome to my website and enjoy the photos!

This website contains a selection of my photos about nature, travelling and sport. If you need photos for any kind of publication, please do not hesitate to contact me.
New gallery - Zanzibar portraits (25.4.2012)
Sansibar-Portr. Before continuing with more underwater impressions from Zanzibar, lets take a closer look at the people of this fascinating island.
Chumbe Island - Submarine Impressions (10.4.2012)
Chumberiff The first glimpse into the amazing Chumbe Island coral reef. More impressions are coming soon!!!
New Travellog - Colombia 2011 (24.10.2011)
Colombia 2011 The travellog from my almost one month journey to colombia in September and October 2011 is online now (at the moment only in german or spanish language).
New gallery - North Spain 2010 (17.7.2011)
Two new galeries about the amazing variaty of the North Spanish landscape are online now. There are many new impressiones from underwater as well as from above... North Spain 2010 Atlantic 2010
New gallery - Lapland 2011 (April 2011)
Lapland 2011 -27°C, Artic Circle, Northern Lights, Huskys... Lapland in January.
New gallery - Extremadura 2010 (April 2011)
Extremadura 2010 The Centre of the Iberian Peninsula in August - boiling hot temperatures but still a lot to discover. Just click for a short overview over the Extremadura and La Manca beside the busy tourist tails.
First photo exhibition opened! (June 2010)
Ausstellung Come and find out how photography has been affecting my daily live in Asturias, and share with me a versatile selection of captured moments that will be displayed in Cafe Lider, c/ Comandante Vallespin 66, 33013 Oviedo Spanien.

Opening date: 26.6.2010

I´m looking forward to meeting you there!

New gallery - Indonesia, Komodo-Alor 2009 (January 2010)
Indonesia 2009 Indonesia - a three week adventure above and under water in summer 2009.
New gallery - Indonesia, Komodo-Alor 2009 - Underwater (January 2010)
Indonesia 2009 Find out more about Indonesia as a marine biodiversity hotspot - this link reveals more underwater treasures.
New gallery - Atlantic, Bay of Biscay 2009 (June 2009)
Atlantic 2009 A new gallery with my first impressions of diving on the asturian coast in North Spain, is online now. The cold atlantic ocean has a lot of sea life to offer.
New gallery - Maldives 2008 (March 2009)
Malediven 2008 In spring of 2008 I had the opportunity to visit the Maldives, both over-and underwater. Apart from a diving safari I took the possibility to visit also a few different islands. In the categories Journeys and Underwater are some new fotos with my impressions.
New gallery - Sri Lanka 2008 (March 2009)
Sri Lanka 2008 At the end of 2008 we went to Sri Lanka. Beside from the ethnic conflict in the northern provinces, the country has a lot to offer. Fantastic nature and amazing nice people.
New gallery - North Spain 2008-09 (February 2009)
Nordspanien This gallery includes photos from North Spain, Asturias y Leó. From the Cordillera Cantábrica and the Picos de Europa down to the coast through all seasons.
New gallery - Ski tours North Spain (February 2009)
Schitour Spanien January 2009 offered unusually much snow in North Spain. Therefore, I found perfect conditions for my ski tours.
New photos in the gallery "Macro" (February 2009)
Makro There are new Macro images in the gallery. From insects to plants there is a great variation of motives.
New gallery - Photos from the ski tour on the Hochstaff (February 2009)
Hochstaff We went on a 2-day trip on the mountain "Hochstaff" at the end of february, here you can take a look at the pictures.
New gallery - Islas Cies, Galicia (February 2009)
Islas Cies The Islas Cies are located at the western coast of Galicia. This uninhabited islands are part of the nationalpark "Islas Atlánticas de Galicia". Please use the photolink to go to the gallery.
New gallery - Aerial Photographs from Austria (February 2009)
Luftaufnahmen Last autum we organised another photoflight, again over Burgenland and Vienna, but also across the alps.
New gallery - Doha, Capital of Quatar (February 2009)
Doha A stopover from almost one day in Doha gave me the possebility to make a brief trip into the center of the capital of Quatar.
New gallery - Birds (February 2009)
Voegel There is a new subgallery "Birds" in the gallery "Fauna and Flora".
New photos in the gallery "Panorama" (February 2009)
Panorama Some new panoramic photos are online now.
New gallery - Photos from the "Hans von Haidsteig", Rax (February 2009)
Klettersteig Here you can find the photos from climbing the "Hans von Haidsteig" on the mountain Rax.
new layout (September 2008)
Due to an increasing number of images, the gallery overview page has been redesigned. Furthermore the header was modernized. A revision of the navigation elements and fonts, should help you to find your destination faster.
new gallery Aerial Photography (March 2008)
Cessna 172 Here you can find first results of two photo flights over Vienna, Lower Austria and parts of Burgenland.
new gallery Schneeberg mountain (February 2008)
Schneeberg On 16. feb. 2008 we started from Puchberg/Schneeberg to a hikingtour on the Schneeberg mountain. We wanted to stay to days on the mountain, for this we had to sleep in a snow cave. Here you will find a few impressions from the tour. (to get to the new gallery please click on the picture).
New Home-site (Jan. 5, 2008)
The Home-site has been redesigned to provide you with faster updates (at the request of a number of people). From now on it is possible to navigate to the latest topics by picture link.
Website realization (Oct. 10, 2007)
Official launch of the web project - now all comments are welcome!
For all technical problems, please contact: info@markus-meissl.at
Start of the web project (December 2006)
The idea and realization of the website is based on a project thesis/paper about publishing in the internet.
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