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Markus Meissl Markus Meissl was born 1978 in Vienna. Very soon he discovered his great interest in all things related to nature. After he graduated successfully from the Horticulture college in Vienna he studied Geology at the University of Vienna. During internships for several months in different countries of Europe he detected his passion for travelling to other countries and cultures. The combination of travelling and temporary work gives him the possibility to extensive journeys and leads automatically to a close contact with the population.
Everything has started with an internship in Switzerland for several months during his horticultural education. His first reflex camera, a Canon EOS 500N was bought from his earned money. In the following years he spent many months in different countries, e.g. Iceland, England, Spain for working and further education.
From the beginning the bicycle was his favourite mean of transportation. It gives the possibility to travel not to fast to miss something but still faster then by foot. And you can be sure not to miss any impressions that a foreign country offers. His preferred way to travel is with light luggage on the bike, canoe or by foot in combination with public transportation.

In summer 2006 he decided to go digital and changed his equipment from a Canon EOS 30 Body to a Canon EOS 30D and later to a EOS 5D MarkII.

At the moment he tries to combine work with travelling as much as posible. Furthermore he is about to gain a foothold in the travel photography scene. He aims to make multimedia shows that give the audience a clear authentic impression from the country and show them the fascinating nature. To intensify these impressions he accompanies his presentations with original, typical music and original sound recordings.
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